The Poetic Body: In Neutral Mask

A new generation of performing arts is changing the landscape of today’s theatre. Devised theatre, no longer a fringe phenomenon is turning into an influential movement; where nonlinearity, plurality and a new understanding of the human body in relationship to surrounding and inner spaces. A foundation in the movement based storytelling, is the embodiment as a pathway to a deeper understanding in physical manifestations of Masks and Myths.

An exploration of the dynamic in body of what we call The Poetic Body, a process of creating/devising original work. The workshop will introduce participants to some of the most important dynamics of the Poetic Body and their impact on the performer as a creator. Through use of the Neutral Mask participants will be invited to explore the relationship between the physical and the imaginative, the individual and the collective, the personal and the transpersonal. Principles of push and pull, being with, for and against will be explored through a highly physical approach and applied to the process of devising theatre and performance.


October 13-15
Friday 6:00 – 10:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

ATP Rehearsal Hall
Arts Commons (205 8 Ave SE)

$130/pp (maximum of 16 participants)


Elaine is a theatre artist from Calgary who likes to mix up and push against genres, creating her own styles of live performance. Heavily guided by a practice of physical theatre, her practice bounces between clown, the poetic body and avant-guard wildism. She has had the joy to study at such schools like The Manitoulin Clown Farm, Dell’ Arte in California, SITI Company (NYC), and at LISPA with Thomas Prattki in the UK. She enjoys the landscape between intimate and spectacle, comedy and tragedy, desiring to create work that is authentic in it’s inception, creation and execution.

Her focus is in reinventing the vitalness of the live moment in a world inundated with media : the moment between possible success and failure and it’s increase in beauty that cannot simply be re-done exactly the same each night. Performers, as artists and athlete’s, theatre that loves and hates our Post-Britney Spears world. She writes, performs, produces, designs and kamikaze’s live events for large-scale shows in alternative spaces. Ultimately, as an artist, she wants audiences to be provoked and forced to examine their role in the presentation. They must determine their place as supporters, mockers posers or subjects. Her work combines text, music and choreography to build scenes that set up ideas, images and relationships – and then destroy them.

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