This Little Piggie

Created in partnership with the Old Trout Puppet Workshop and co-produced by the Calgary Folk Music Festival

“This Little Piggy” is set in the depression era of the 30s, a world strewn with dust and the ragged hope of those who inhabit it’s desolate offerings. A hobo camp provides shelter to wayward travelers but its inhabitants linger like souls caught in the shadows between life and death. A young, pregnant couple, emerge out of the blackened, storm-torn evening, conjured by the suffering wails of Isabella, an old immigrant woman who harbors a dark secret. They enter into this world where the men hunger for work, the women struggle to provide simple comforts and the weak fall to the injustices of the strong. But there is change coming, and the tides are about to turn.



Kris Demeanor

Jolene Higgins

Bob Keelaghan

David Ryhmer

Eric Rose

Peter Balkwill

Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry
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